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Are any of you aware of a blood disorder, called Hereditary Spherocytosis, in your families? It is a disease that is found mostly in families of northwestern European descent. If you know of others in the Naff/Neff families with this condition, please contact me. E-Mail: Cathy Martin.

Jacob Naff was my 6th gr grandfather. I descend from Jacob, Jonathan, Jonathan, William, John Mortimer, William Holden, William Phillip, Me. I would love to hear from anyone else descending from this line. E-Mail: Shannon Beckman.

Jacob Naff was my 5th great grandfather. I go from Jacob, Jonathan, Jonathan, William, John Mortimer, William Lowell, Nina Vivian and then me. Would love to share information. E-Mail: Margaret Comstock.

I'm looking for my grandfather's folks. His name was Charles Edward FLORA, b. Dec. 6th, 1866-1870 in MD. His parents were Edward FLORA and his mother was unknown Tracy. That is all I know about the parents. Grandpa was found in ND in 1900 census index for WALLHALLA VILLAGE, PEMBINA CTY, NDAKOTA. I can find no more information in regards to this family. I do not know whether or not Charles had siblings...he did change his name to CHarles E. JONES at one point then changed it back to FLORA in DULUTH, MN. he was a mail clerk for the AMERICAN RAILWAY MAIL SERVICE. Thanks in advance for any help you might have for me. Contact: Mary.

I am looking for relations of my Grandfather-Leslie Brent NAFF. My Grandfather died a few years ago, and we don't know anything about his father and mother, and so on. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Krista Schooley.

Benjamin NEFF, married ELIZABETH FISHER, 20-Jan-1858 in Wabash Co., Indiana. Does anyone know who Elizabeth's parents are? Contact Jay.

I am trying to acquire the pedigree for Mary Butler TIPTON (4/26/1802-5/29/1876) She married Henry Hoss NAFF in Carter County, TN, on November 22, 1820. I believe her to be the source of my Grandfather's ( Isaac Tipton Naff) and my middle names. Thanks for any information that you might provide. Contact George Tipton Murphy.

I have Joel and Mary BRUBAKER in the 1860 Story County Iowa Federal Census. Their son, Henry C. married Edith Squires, the sister of my great grandfather. They had a son Essom. I have been searching for descendants of this family in the hope of finding what happened to my GGGrandmother, who was living with them in 1880. Family tradition says the BRUBAKER family moved to California, but I have never been able to confirm this. If you have any information on later generations of this family, please contact me.

Also, in 1860 there was a FLORA family, Henry and Sally, living next door to the BRUBAKERs. E-mail Clay Miller.

I am doing a family tree and I am looking for anyone who is related to the BOITNOTT family. My grandfathers name is Dewey BOITNOTT and my dad's name is James W. BOITNOTT. If you have any information that could help me I would greatly appreciate it. E-mail Tina Lorenz.

I am interested in Isaac NAFF, Sr. and the Brethren Military Petition of 1799. Part of the family looks familar. Anyone else with information on this or family connections, please contact me. E-mail Tim in Georgia

I am looking for information on the NEVE family and surname. Contact: Melody Neve.

My wife is a descendent of Kate NAFF and Patrick BETTERIDGE. I would love to get more information about my wife's ancestors. Thank you. Contact Ed and Helen Kleffner.

I am searching information concerning NEEFF family from Solingen: John Abraham NEEFF, 1650-1720 and Joseph-Isaac NEEFF, 1690-1770. Thank you. Contact Didier Neef (Belgium).

I would like someone to help in finding the NAF line in Canada. My grandfather came to Manitoba from Switzerland. That's all I have to go on. Please contact Shirley Näf.

I am willing to give information on the Naff's in Kansas if anyone wants it. If you would like some specific information on anyone I have. I'll e-mail or send it to you via postal mail. If I can not answer the questions I have access to reasearch them and possibly get the answers. Contact William N. Naff.

I am the great great great grandaughter of John P. Miller & Mary Neff. I'm having a difficult time finding any information on a definite birthplace or birthdate for John P. Miller. If anyone can help me with this, please contact me at Susan.

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