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Portions of a Letter from Clara Gertrude Naff to her cousin, Kittie Shell,
September 8-11, 1889
Note Clara's references to "Henry." We believe this is her younger brother, Henry Hudson Naff, b. 1-Dec-1887 and that Clara Gertrude and Henry Hudson are the children of William Crawford Naff.

Transcription - by Betty Naff Mitchell

... before the picnic. Henry can call all of our names now he went up stairs one day and went out on to of the house and sit down and Mama called him and he answered her but never came down and Mama went after him and he was talking just as fast as he could to the trees. and ran off Saturday and I found him way down in town he had stoped in at Mrs. Laramer's(?) and was playing with her little boy. Miss Mary....

Document Courtesy Jane Wallace, Worthington, OH,
great great granddaughter of Jacob and Amanda (Broyles) Naff

Published and Copyrighted © by Betty Naff Mitchell
April 23, 2003