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Portions of a Letter from Clara Gertrude Naff to her cousin, Kittie Shell,
September 30, 1888
Note Clara's references to "the baby" and "little brother." We believe this is her younger brother, Henry Hudson Naff, b. 1-Dec-1887 and that Clara Gertrude and Henry Hudson are the children of William Crawford Naff.

Transcription - by Betty Naff Mitchell

Greenville Times
September 20th, 1888
Sept 30th, 1888

Dear Cousin,

I guess you think I have forgotten you but I have not had time to write to you. I like to go to school very much. We had a heavy frost last knight I have just come from the graveyard. I took a pretty bouquets over there little brother is very sick they are going to have a baby show when they have the fair. I think Mama will take brother. We had to bring our flowers in last knight all of the schollars have to speak Friday we have had company most all morning. I will send the babys picture you have to keep it in a Book to keep from it fadeing. I have not much to say this time I will send you a good picture of the baby when we get them. I think you might come down to the fair I think I will go brother is as sweet as he can be if you come down he will smell you just like a flower he heard Mama coming now and he is running from her afraid she will ketch him yes to day was Mama's birthday. [Mary Virginia McCampbell, wife of William Crawfor Naff, was born 29-Sept-1858] Papa gave her a stove and a tot of....

Document Courtesy Jane Wallace, Worthington, OH,
great great granddaughter of Jacob and Amanda (Broyles) Naff

Published and Copyrighted © by Betty Naff Mitchell
April 23, 2003