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Portions of a Letter from Clara Gertrude Naff to her cousin, Kittie Shell,
July 25, 1989
Note Clara's reference to "Henry" We believe this is her younger brother, Henry Hudson Naff, b. 1-Dec-1887 and that Clara Gertrude and Henry Hudson are the children of William Crawford Naff.

Transcription - by Betty Naff Mitchell

Greenville, Tenn
July 25/89

Dear Cousin,

I thought I would answer your kind letter received several months ago. Papa is at Limestone this week. We got a card from his yesterday and he said that Grandma was right sick. Has Aunt Delia [Cordelia] been down to see Grandma this Summer.

We were all over at the Graveyard sunday afternoon and tho passenger train ran over my Newfoundland dog and killed him. We had our first mess of corn Sunday and it was real good. Henry can talk right smart and can go up the stirs by himself. We have shaved his hair off almost to the skin and he looks real funny. The 27. is Papas birthday he is 37, I will send you a sample of my dress and the triming. I think it is real pretty. My cuttings are all growing that Aunt Ede (?) gave me. Nancy said for Aunt D. [Cordelia] to write to her when your peaches would be ripe for she wants to come up about that time. and you must be ready to come home with me. how is George getting along. I will close for it is nearly train time. We are all well.

Your dear cousin

Document Courtesy Jane Wallace, Worthington, OH,
great great granddaughter of Jacob and Amanda (Broyles) Naff

Published and Copyrighted © by Betty Naff Mitchell
April 23, 2003