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Germantown Brick Church of the Brethren
Rocky Mount, Virginia

Descriptions Refer to the Photos at the Left1
Brick Church Brethren Germantown Brick Church of the Brethren - Rocky Mount, VA - According to the Brethren Encyclopedia, page 544, The Germantown Brick Church of the Brethren is considered to be the oldest Brethren congregation in Franklin County. This lovely church has been the place of worship of many of the Naffs, Floras, Barnharts, Peters and other families of the area since 1848.

The present address of the church is 2312 Brick Church Road, Rocky Mount, VA 24151. It is located on Rt. 697, off Route 220, a little north of the town of Rocky Mount. In many genealogies, including John Boitnott's "Naffs and Related Families" it is referred to as the Brick Church at Wirtz, Va.

Brick Church Brethren Church Plaque - Located to the right of the door and the stained glass window. This plaque reads "Brick Church of the Brethren. Organized 1848. Erected 1904 - 1960 - 1967."
Women's Door Preserved "Women's Door" - The white door to the right of this photo would be on the back of the church. In the past it was the women's entrance. The door is not usable now, but has been preserved as a part of the history of the church.
Women's Door Brick Church of The Brethren Cemetery - Across the road (Rt. 697) from the church is the cemetery where many Naff, Flora, Barnhart and other Franklin County family members are buried.
Marker - George Wesley & Susan Mills Naff Naff - George W. & Susie - George W. (Wesley) - June 28, 1868 to February 5, 1931.

Susie Mills - Sept 26, 1872 to November 29, 1966.

See George W. Naff Family Group Sheet
Marker - Paul & Mildred Naff Naff - Paul and Mildred Paul Jacob Naff - September 13, 1907 to December 20, 1969.

Mildred Cooper Naff - September 24, 1908 to April 30, 1966.

William Naff - George W. Naff, Jr. George William Naff. February 28, 1914 to April 15, 1944. Always known as "Bill." Although he was a son of George Wesley Naff, he was not actually a "junior."

Photos by Betty Naff Mitchell, 1998.

Note: If anyone has additional information and/or photos to share, please contact Betty Naff Mitchell

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