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Naff Family Cemeteries - Franklin County, Virginia

NOTE: There are two Naff Cemeteries in Franklin County. The first is that of Jacob Naff, Sr. It is located on the site of Jacob's original land grant from Governor Edmund Randolph in 1788. It has many graves but most are unmarked. Conspicuous in the cemetery is the double headstone for Abram (Abraham) I. Naff and his wife, Ann (Turner) Muse. This stone is very new.

The second cemetery is located a bit south of the original Jacob Naff, Sr. cemetery, and is on the land where Jacob P. Naff and his wife, Mary Magdalene, farmed and are buried. It is a part of the original land grant to Jacob Naff, Sr. This is a small cemetery, enclosed in barbed wire. Many of the stones are not visible because they are leaning, or the underbrush has grown too high.

The original land was divided by the will of Abraham Naff, son of Jacob Naff, Jr. and Elizabeth Stover, thusly: "...I will that my two sons Jacob P. Naff and Daniel A. Naff shall have and holde free posession of all my land, Jacob to have that part on which he now lives and Daniel the part and house on which I now live, the land to be divided as near equal as may be by themselves or three disinterested men...." (See Will of Abraham Naff.)