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Naff - Broyles Family Bible

Jacob Naff was born
May 26th 1805

Amanda M. Naff was born
January 9th - 1809

[Note: Below are the children of Jacob's first marriage to Margaret Ann Eakin]

George E. Naff was born
July 3 1829

John Summerfield Naff
was born

[Note: Below are the children of Jacob's second marriage to Amanda Melvina Broyles]

Martha Melvina Naff was
born May 5th 1836

Adam Ferdinand Naff was
born August 7th 1837

Isabella Caroline Naff was
born April 20th 1839

Cordelia Ann Naff was
born Feb 28th 1841

Catherine Jane Naff was
born January 21, 1843

James Melville Naff was
born March 18th 1846

Sidney Lamentine Naff was
born May 26th 1848

Isaac Newton Naff was
born July 27th 1851

William Crawford Naff
was born July 27th 1851 -
[Isaac & William]being twins

Mary Virgie Naff was
born September 29th 1858

Clara Gertrude Naff was born
October 29th 1876

      Colored Family
James was born the 20 Feb 1844
Alfred was born the 20 May 1847
Elbert was born the 5(?) Aug 1851
N. C. Jane was born the 15 March 1833
Caty was born the ? year 1824
John was born the 2nd Jan 1840(?)

[Note: Below are the children of William Riley Schell and Cordelia Ann Naff]

Willie H. Schell was born
May 10th 1870

Fannie Pearl Schell was
born June 8th 1872

Kittie Ellen Schell was
born Sept 6th 1875

Robert Sidney Schell
Born Oct-15th 1876

Bible Page Courtesy Philip C. Kearney, Ph.D.

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