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Will of Abraham Naff

Son of Jacob Naff, Jr. and Elizabeth Stover1,

In the name of God, Amen--I Abraham Naff of the County of Franklin and State of Virginia calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and the certainty of death, being of sound minde and disposing memory, do make this my last will and testement and hereby revoke all former wills made by me, and wishing to dispose of all the property which God has given me in the following manor, viz, 1st I will that my body be buryed in a Christian manor and my funeral expences be paid. 2nd I will that my just debts be paid if there be any. 3rd I will that my beloved wife shall have and hold free posesion of one room in my dwelling house and a right to the smokehouse, kitchen springhouse and seeler as much as she may nead, also she shall have two beds and as much other household and kitchen furniture as she may neede, so long as she lives or continues my widow. 4th I will that the remainder of my perishable property be sold and equally divided among my children. 5th I will that my two sons Jacob P. Naff and Daniel A. Naff shall have and holde free posession of all my land, Jacob to have that part on which he now lives and Daniel the part and house on which I now live, the land to be divided as near equal as may be by themselves or three disinterested men for which they shall pay the sum of $3500, three thousand five hundred dollars, and shall pay $300, three hundred dollars annually until the whole is paid. 6th I will that my beloved wife shall have one hundred dollars of the proseeds of the land annually as long as she lives or remains my widow and the remainder to be equally divided amongst my children, to my son Joel one share to my son Jacob one share to my son Daniel one share, and to my daughter Elizabeth one share, to my daughter Susannah one share and to David Bowmans two children, Susan E. and Joel Bowman one share if they live to be of age. 7th I will that all my property be bound for the payment of my son Joels land ecepting what I have willed to my beloved wife. So I will that Jacob and Daniel do all they can to help Joel pay for his land, and then Joel to refund back to them all they may pay over what is coming to him from my estate. 8th I do hereby appoint and constitute my 3 sons to Joel Naff, Jacob P. Naff and Daniel A. Naff my Executors to execute this my will and testament, all debts to be collected according to the practice of the brethren witness whereof I set my hand and seal this 23 day of May 1868.

Abraham Barnhart, Jr.
Joseph Peters
John Bowman

At a Court held for Franklin County, March 3d, 1873. This last will and Testament of Abraham Naff Decd. was produced in Court and pruved by the Oaths of Abraham Barnhart, Jr., Joseph Peters and John Bowman the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded--And on the motion of Joel Naff and Daniel A. Naff two of the Executors therein named who made Oath and executed bond in the penalty of $1000.00 conditioned according to law, with John Bowman Joseph Peters and Jacob Bowman as their sureties certificate is granted them to obtain a probat of said will in due form, liberty being reserved to Jacob P. Naff the other Executor named in said will to join in the probat when he shall think fit.

Note: This land was located on the south branch of Maggodee Creek in Franklin County and was the same, or part of the same, farm owned earlier by Abraham's father and first by his grandfather, Jacob Naff, Sr. Abraham was the first elder of the Bethlehem Congregation [Church of the Brethren], organized in 1870.1

1Boitnott, John W., "Naff and Related Families, Swiss Ancestors of Naffs & Neffs in the USA and Descendants of Jacob and Eva Catherine (Flora) Naff and of Sebastian and Mary (Saylor) Naff," Harrisonburg, VA. Park View Press, 1979. Pages 37-38.
2Franklin County., Va., Will Book 16, p. 245.

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