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Henry McDonald to Jacob Nafe - Head of Magotty Creek, 23-Jan-1791

Franklin County Deed Book 2, Page 174.

THESE INDENURES made this 23 Day of January one Thousand Seven Hundred and ninety one between Henry McDonald of the County of Green Bryer of the one Part and Jacob Nafe of Franklin County of the Other Part - Witnesseth that the said Henry McDaniel for and in the Consideration of the Sum of Three hundred Pounds Lawful Money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Jacob Nafe, the Receipt is hereby acknowledged that Granted Bargained and sold (_?)_ by these Presents doth Grant Bargain and Sail [sic] unto the said Jacob Nafe one certain Trak [sic] or Parcel of Land Containing one hundred & Twenty five acres lying, and being in the County of Franklin on head of Magotty Creek and Bounded as followeth. Vis: Beginning at a Poplar Tree on P. Creek and Runneth Thence North Seventy Degrees East Seventy Poles to a Chestnut tree North Three Degrees East thirty Two Poles to a chesnut Tree. North Sixty Six Degrees west one hundred & Thirty poles to a White oak North Twenty Degrees East one hundred and fourteen Poles, to a (_?_) Tree North Seventy One Degrees West Sixty Six Poles to a chesnut [sic] Tree South (_?_) Degrees and Sixty Poles to a Chesnut tree South Sixteen Degrees East Seventy Poles to a Red oak thence South Thirty one hundred and sixty (?) Poles to a white Oak thence South forty Degrees East Thirty-one Poles to a chesnut Tree by the Creed South forty Degrees East Thirty two Poles Down the Creek one hundred and Sixty and Sixty Poles to the Beginning. To have and to hold the Bargained Land and Premises unto him the said Jacob Nafe his heirs and assigns for every [sic] and the said Henry McDonald doth hereby Warrant and for every [sic] Defend a Good and Lawful Right and Title in fee Simple of the above mentioned land unto him the Said Jacob Nafe his heirs and assigns for Every [sic] and against the Claims and Demand Persons what Every [sic] (_?_) whereof the said Henry McDonald hath hereunto set his hand and seal this Day and Time above written.

(_?_) Cofeller
(_?_) Samuel Flora/Flory (?)
Isaac Nave
Jacob Nave, Jr. (?)

                      Henry McDaniel, (Seal)

Memorandum, That on the day time within Court (?) and (_?_) (_?_) and (_?_) of (_?_) of the within named Henry McDonald unto the within named Jacob Nafe according to the within written Deed.

                      Henry McDaniel, (Seal)

At a Court held for Franklin County on Monday the 24 day of February 1791. This Indenture together with the Memorandum of Sidney P. __________ was proved by the oath of the witnesses hereto submitted to be the ______ and Deed of the within named Henry McDonald and the same was ordered to be recorded.

                      Fife Smith, CFC

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Deed supplied by Glatha Ware Neff, Indiana

Last updated on January 5, 2003